The Journey Begins

This blog is not new, though you will no longer find the previous posts. At one time, The Last Passage was comprised of a number of reviews/close-readings of the books I was reading at the time. I loved writing, and I loved the comments of fellow readers and the discussions that were produced in my comments.

Alas, my life began to distract me and pull me away from the one hobby I have ever derived any joy from — a hobby that took work and allowed me to feel accomplished using one of my only skills I appreciate (i.e. writing). I would soon lose a war of trying to move my blog to a different web host and instead destroy everything in the process. Caught between the wars of frustration due to lack of time to devote to my blog and the depression of jobs I haven’t loved stealing my time and desire to read, my cord was cut and off into the nether realm would I drift.

I have continued to read, and I’ve tracked my progress on Goodreads, I even wrote my own short reviews of some of the books. But I have missed closing the back cover of a novel and quickly rushing to my computer to start writing what would post on my blog.

My friends, the waters have been disturbed. The Last Passage is returned, and it’s all the fault of Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation, now taking its seat as my second favorite book of all-time. I will share more details in the actual post, but after seeing the film-adaptation this weekend, I couldn’t not reread it. Just as the narrator finds herself in a transition, I knew it was time to restart this journey through words.

So if you will, continue on with me.

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